Cameroon withdraws troops from opposition leader’s residence - Dateline Africa
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Cameroon withdraws troops from opposition leader’s residence

Cameroon withdraws troops from opposition leader’s residence

10 Dec,2020


Government troops have lifted a blockade on the residence of Cameroon opposition figure Maurice Kamto, an official of his Cameroon Renaissance Movement (MRC) party confirmed to The EastAfrican on Wednesday.

Barrister Emmanuel Simh, vice president of MRC and Kamto’s lawyer, said law enforcement officers who have been camping around residence left on Tuesday.

“I cannot say whether Prof Kamto is free to leave his house, but the security forces left the premises of his residence yesterday (Tuesday, December 8),” Mr Simh said.

The opposition leader had been under house arrest since September 22 when he called for street protests against the convening of the first-ever election of regional councillors in the country. Several other people were arrested during protests in different cities of the Central African country.

The withdrawal of the troops came two days after the December 6 regional vote that authorities described as “peaceful and transparent.”

Communication Minister and government spokesperson, Emmanuel Rene Sadi, in a statement on Tuesday said the decision had been taken “to ease measures taken to foil the insurgency launched by the MRC.”

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