Don't get arrested before you wear your mask ,President Akufo-Addo advise Ghanaians
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Don’t get arrested before you wear your mask ,President Akufo-Addo advise Ghanaians

Don’t get arrested before you wear your mask ,President Akufo-Addo advise Ghanaians

By Enoch Adjei

News Correspondent

01 Feb 2021

President of Ghana, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo has said as a  result of increasing numbers in recent Covid-19 cases  in the country, the government has to put measures in place to prevent the transmission of the virus .
According to the president,  recorded cases of Covid-19 continue to surge, thus, leaves government with no choice, but to reintroduce these restrictive measures.
He revealed that expert investigations points that the virus largely spreads in enclosed area, where open air is often not readily available. And where most people are found singing, talking and as well often not observing the basic Covid-19 protocols.
 While beaches, land borders and cinemas still remain closed, the president added restrictions on some social gatherings like funerals, concerts, parties and weddings.
The President  said Churches and Mosques will  remain open, however religious leaders are advice to ensure that all Covid-19 protocols are followed to the latter, including the adherence to the 2 hours limited ‘service’ duration as prescribed.
Even though the president gave a leeway to organizing conferences, he recommended more of virtual mode. He said, private burials are allowed, but should be limited to 25 people.
He called on the Ghana Sports Authority and Ghana Football Association to see to it that, aside ensuring that all Covid-19 protocols are observed at the various stadia, the prescribed 25 percent capacity of spectators should strictly be maintained.
“You do not need to be arrested by the police before you wear your masks”; the president said, he also  appealed to the public to continue to adhere to the basic health and safety measures outlined in fighting the virus.
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