Entain set to launch project in Ghana to help vulnerable children
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Entain set to launch project in Ghana to help vulnerable children

Entain set to launch project in Ghana to help vulnerable children

24 May 2021

Operator Entain has partnered with Chance for Childhood, a charity that supports vulnerable children who suffer from homelessness, disabilities and other issues.

The partnership will launch with a new pilot project called ‘Change the first 1,000 Days’, which will support 600 children in the streets of Accra in Ghana.

The project will aim to get every child into education to ensure “they access and thrive in early childhood education.”

The Entain Foundation and Chance for Childhood will also support 10 kindergarten schools in low-income areas of Accra, to increase the capacity of teachers that can provide tailored services to help children with special needs.

They will also employ learning support assistants in every school, to tackle issues and improve the cognitive and social development of children.

Entain believes the pilot project can provide first-time evidence on the special learning needs of children in the struggling areas of Accra.

Jette Nygaard-Andersen, CEO of Entain, said: “The Entain Foundation was set up to enable our business to contribute back to society and support communities around the globe. We are proud to be able to support the invaluable work of Chance for Childhood, to make a transformational positive impact on such vulnerable children.

Anna-mai Andrews, Co-CEO Chance for Childhood, added: “Chance for Childhood are absolutely delighted to join forces with The Entain Foundation and all their incredible team to support this critical work to transform the first 1,000 days of children living in the world’s most unsafe, violent and challenging environments”.

In addition to the 1,000 days project, Entain has said it will support Chance for Childhood in a range of other initiatives aimed at helping vulnerable children.

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