Ghana has not broken down – Titus Glover
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Ghana has not broken down – Titus Glover

Ghana has not broken down – Titus Glover

05 May 2021

Former Member of Parliament for Tema East, Titus Glover has said President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo is working to ameliorate the economic hardship imposed on Ghanaians by the pandemic.

He said although Ghana is facing some challenges, the country is not broken down.

He admitted that “there are few challenges in Ghana but it’s not broken down”.

President of Imani Africa Mr Franklin Cudjoe has noted that President Akufo-Addo is working hard to deal with the problems confronting the country.

He however noted that the president must as matter of urgency scale up the pace at which he is developing the country.

Mr Cudjoe said these in a Facebook post as part of the ongoing FixTheCountry campaign on social media.

“I agree some of us (including my good self) are terribly vile, cheating and sinful persons, so I will respect the counter tags  #FixYourSelf and #FixYourAttitude as they are directed at those who seek answers.

“Dear government, all the citizens are saying to you is  #FixTheCountry because you begged for power and got it, not to tell them they should shut up .

“True, you are Fixing, but it does appear the Fixing needs some super speed. I have faith in you, but let us #FixTheCountry.”

Meanwhile, Organisers of #FixtheCountry campaign are planning to stage a demonstration after the successful twitter campaign.

A few days after the announcement of increase in fuel prices with accompanied tax , Ghanaians took to twitter to express their displeasure against the hardship in the country with the hash tag #FIXTHECOUNTRYNOW.

The main concerns identified with the hash tag include, poor sanitation, inadequate jobs, tax increases, fuel prices increases, unstable power supply, poor roads etc.

With over twenty thousand tweets, it appears another section of Ghanaians are opposing the hash tag with a new one, #NANAISFIXINGIT which has over five thousand tweets.

While the hash tag #FIXTHECOUNTRYNOW is highlighting the challenges faced by the country, the hash tag #NANAISFIXINGIT is supporting the current government by

Source: 3news

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