Ghana to receive AstraZeneca Vaccine in March - Dateline Africa
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Ghana to receive AstraZeneca Vaccine in March

Ghana to receive AstraZeneca Vaccine in March

04 Feb,2021

By Staff Reporter 


On an unusually dreary day in Accra, a figurative ray of sunshine: the first pallets of corona virus will arrive in Ghana in March.

President Akufo-Addo on Sunday night update on the nation’s measures regarding the pandemic, indicated that the country is expected to receive its first consignment in March 2021.

The latest update on the UN-led Covax facility, of which Ghana is a participant has revealed that the country is earmarked to take delivery of 2.4 million doses of the Astra Zaneca vaccine in March.

Ghana experienced the start of the second wave featuring a new variant that is significantly contagious according to the Ghana Medical association.

According the World Health Organization, Ghana is among the 145 countries listed to receive  vaccines suppliers through the COVAX facility.

Experts say for Ghana to effectively combat the Covid-19 pandemic, authorities should fully implement President Akufo-Addo promise of inclusion  by ensuring that everyone living in the country has equitable access to vaccines and is included in the national vaccine program

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