People with stronger immunity will be given Vaccines first says Dr Dodoo - Dateline Africa
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People with stronger immunity will be given Vaccines first says Dr Dodoo

People with stronger immunity will be given Vaccines first says Dr Dodoo

06 Feb,2021

London UK

By staff reporter

The Director General Ghana Standard Authority has confirmed in an interview today that Ghanaians with stronger immunity will be prioritized to receive their vaccinations when the country takes delivery of first batch of vaccinations.

According to Mr. Alexander Dodoo, the country is expected to receive 19.5 million doses of the vaccines at the end of June. He reiterated that people with underlying health conditions, allergies, children and pregnant women will not be vaccinated against the virus.

He said that normally for starters, children will not be included, they are more protected and are not passing the virus to others .He explained that those with underlying health conditions whose immune system appears compromised with not be vaccinated .

In the UK, where their vaccination program has been hailed around the world, after the country took delivery of the vaccines considerations was first given to elderly people ,people who work in the health and social care center ,clinically and extremely vulnerable  patients .

The UK JVCI also advised that there is no data as yet on the safety of Covid vaccines on pregnancy, either from human or animal studies. They advise that given the lack of evidence, they favored  a precautionary approach and does not currently advise Covid 19 vaccines in pregnancy.

The Ghana program looks similar  ,but unlike the UK ,the issue of stronger  immunity was silent in the publications of  UKJVCI

Dr Dodoo also said even though the vaccine is safe, health professionals need to prepare the minds of Ghanaians for side effects after taking it.

“We need to get the public ready not just for the vaccine but to also expect that the protection offered by the vaccine goes with some amount of risk. There will be side effects. And it’s not going to be 100% safe. It never happens. So we need to communicate that there will be a lot of benefits, but there will be an accompanying measurable amount of tolerable risk which the population should be ready for,” he said.

Dr. Dodoo was speaking in an interview with Accra base Joy FM .

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