Remove your political hats and work as citizens - Minister
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Remove your political hats and work as citizens – Minister

Remove your political hats and work as citizens – Minister

18 March 2021

Dr Hafiz Bin Salih, the Upper West Regional Minister has asked all departmental heads in the region to remove their political hats and work as a team to ensure the smooth development of the region to remain as safe haven for all.

He said, the Upper West Region was a safe haven for tourism and investment destination, which could only be harnessed through hard work, the commitment of its state departmental heads annd its citizens to attract the needed investments.

Dr Salih gave the advice on Wednesday during a meeting with departmental heads in the region to outline his vision for the development of the area as he resumes office to serve a second four year term to help execute the programmes and projects of the NPP government.

He said some heads of departments who would use their positions to indulge in politics that had the tendency to derail the development agenda of the region would face unforeseen consequences saying, “If you think you have a political party called NPP and your acts reverse the wheel of development or if you sympathize with other political parties and for that matter you don’t see a good reason to help the government to succeed then your importance would not be relevant in the office you occupy”.

He said, “I am the only person who is a politician occupying an office and even then I don’t have to expose and wear my political hat in the office. Upper west Region is one and we need to denounce politics in the offices and work together as a team to build a region safe for the future generation”.

The Minister announced that one of his major priority areas is the construction of the Wa-Tumu-Navrongo road, which had been on the drawing board for a long time, would be constructed within his four-year term.

He said the distance between the Upper West and the Upper East Regions was close yet too far due to the bad nature of the road and stressed the importance of the construction of the road, among which would open up business opportunities between the two regions.

Dr Salih also mentioned the maintenance of all the tourists’ sites in the region, which much attention would be given to attract more tourists and investments to give employment to the teeming youth to improve livelihoods of the people.

He stressed the importance of agriculture to the development of the region and asked the Upper West Regional Directorate of the Food and Agriculture to work harder to ensure the production of more food produce to feed the nation and assured of government’s continuous support to the development of the sector.

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