Returning to the top will be very complicated for Roger Federer', says ATP ace - Dateline Africa
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Returning to the top will be very complicated for Roger Federer’, says ATP ace

Returning to the top will be very complicated for Roger Federer’, says ATP ace

18 Dec,2020

The argument concerning the phantom figure of the GOAT is (and will be for many years) a red thread that divides fans and insiders, but which at the same time insistently occupies a place among the main news of the day, still demonstrating a time the extraordinary quality of the big three.

Few certainties, infinite arguments in favor of each sample. It therefore appears impossible to solve this puzzle. Among the few evidences there is the climb of Rafael Nadal who this October managed to grab Roger Federer at twenty slams, conquering his 13th Roland Garros and at the same time the birth and biological age of Nole Djokovic, who among the three should represent the most complete and therefore competitive tennis player on all surfaces.

In short, if everyone is certain that Rafa will fight again in the next Parisian slam, and many hope to admire a Roger still sparkling at Wimbledon, most see Nole Djokovic as the number one favorite regardless and therefore credited with making full loot for a few years yet.

Marc Rosset recently gave his views about Roger Federer’s comeback, which many are hoping is at the Australian Open. The 50-year-old believes Federer is not retiring any time soon, but that his return to the tour will be ‘complicated’

Rosset discusses Roger Federer’s future
“I still think Roger Federer will play again, I have no doubts about that,” Marc Rosset said. “I just think that at this moment he is living his present intensely and simply wanted to express his happiness for having won this award.

It’s like when a guy wins a Grand Slam title and says it’s his favorite tournament. Everyone would have said it everywhere. They are those classic phrases he says in the moment, to please people in that context.”

Marc Rosset is not losing any sleep over a potential delay in Roger Federer’s comeback, as he reckons that the Swiss legend will anyway have a difficult time upon his return – whenever that happens. “If it takes more time for Federer, it’s not the end of the world,” Rosset continued.

“Everyone knows that with what he has experienced this year, returning to the top will be very complicated for him”. Coming back from knee surgery in tennis is considered one of the toughest of challenges. Given his age, it only becomes more unfavorable for Federer to compete at his highest level.

This will also be the first time that the Swiss maestro will play in quarantine conditions. Despite many questions, fans will be more than excired to see the 6 times Australian Open champion take on Melbourne Park. Will Federer be able to hold his own against the demands of the tournament and the next generation players?

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