Swiss to send army personnel to Mozambique - Dateline Africa
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Swiss to send army personnel to Mozambique

Swiss to send army personnel to Mozambique

Up to two members of the Swiss army will join the UN programme aimed at disarming, demobilising and re-integrating former rebel forces into society, according to the defence ministry.

Switzerland has supported the peace process in the African country since 2016, notably with mediators during the negotiations between the government and Renamo rebels, and by contributing to the UN mission in Maputo.

The defence ministry had also deployed one member of the Swiss armed forces to the UN observer mission in 2018. It is led by the former Swiss ambassador to Maputo, Mirko Manzoni.

Mozambique has also been a long-standing beneficiary of Swiss development aid, the foreign ministry says.

Currently, Switzerland has deployed about 250 military experts in 18 countries around the world for peace promotion, according to the defence ministry’s army personnel to Mozambique

Source:Swiss info 

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