Tanzania's Magufuli calls for three-day prayers, no lockdown
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Tanzania’s Magufuli calls for three-day prayers, no lockdown

Tanzania’s Magufuli calls for three-day prayers, no lockdown

19 Feb,2021 

President John Magufuli has said there will be no lockdown and asked Tanzanians to pray for three days starting Friday.
“Today for the Muslims who have already begun, tomorrow the Seventh Day Adventists who pray on Saturdays and on Sunday for Christians,” he said.
Addressing mourners on Friday in Dar es Salaam at the requiem mass for Chief Secretary Ambassador John Kijazi who died on Wednesday, the president said “God has never forsaken this nation.

We won last year and graduated to middle-income status amid coronavirus, and projects implementation went on without imposing a lockdown and we will never impose lockdown.”
“Let’s pray and fast for three days I am sure we will win. May I ask religious leaders just as you have been doing, keep insisting in prayers. We will win. We won last year we will win this year and years to come.”
Recent reports of a new strain of the novel coronavirus in various countries, including some bordering Tanzania, have raised numerous questions from the public.

Last month, Archbishop Jude-Thaddeus Ruwa’Ichi of the Catholic Church in Dar es Salaam told congregants that Covid-19 was still at large and that it was unfortunate that churches had abandoned all precautions against being infected.

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