Tsatsu leads Akoto Ampaw,Amenevor in good comm skills in a public survey but trails in being analytical
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Tsatsu leads Akoto Ampaw,Amenevor in good comm skills in a public survey but trails in being analytical

Tsatsu leads Akoto Ampaw,Amenevor in good comm skills in a public survey but trails in being analytical

17 Feb,2021

London UK 

By Staff reporters

The ongoing election petition in Ghana has created  legal arguments and debates  by Ghanaians who are seemingly soaked in the proceedings at the apex court of the West African country .

The Ghanaian public are sharing opinions ,reviews and ideas about how the three lead lawyers for the petitioners ,the 1st and the 2nd respondent speak and presents their case before the justices of the supreme court .
Dateline Africa commissioned a survey among Ghanaians, our team weighed up several factors, including which among the three lawyers is ballsy, pragmatic, maintains good communication skills, analytical and a strategist.

Survey Methods

Dateline conducted face to face, over the telephone methods .We restricted ourselves mainly to issues of good communication skills, analytical, research skills, people skills, perseverance and creativity.

With any methodology in survey is worth remembering that sample size is a guarantee that something is representative.
Tens of thousands may respond to a text vote or a questionnaire – but it will still not be robust. Unrepresentative methods of seeking opinion do not become representative because a high number respond – there is no “threshold” to legitimize them.

Focus Groups and Panels

The team wanted to create flavor and spontaneity, so we involved people with different backgrounds including teachers, social media commentators and influencers, political scientists and legal experts

Our Scoring methods
The Scoring feature we used allowed Qualtrics to create tests, measure respondents’ skills, and assess people in a myriad of ways. But when it comes to assessments, we want to communicate different things to people based on how they performed


1 Good communication skills

On the issue of good communication skills, the lead lawyer of the petitioners, Mr Tsatsu Tsikata won the heart of respondents. He scored high among the three lawyers .He won by 55 pts , followed by Lawyer Justin Amenevor with 32pts . Lawyer Akoto Ampaw trailed with 13pts  of the votes.

2 Analytical

On the issue of being analytical, Lawyer Akoto Ampaw won with 39pts followed closely by Lawyer Amenevor with 33pts . Lawyer Tsatsu Tsikata lost with 28pts.

3 Research skills

Lawyer Amenevor won with 40pts . Lawyer Akoto Ampaw followed with 33.5pts  whilst Tsatsu Tsikata had 26.5pts

4 Perseverance

Tsatsu led again with 40.5pts , followed closely by Lawyer Akoto Ampaw with 32pts  whilst lawyer Amenevor lost with  27.5Pts

5 People skills

Tsatsu won with 42.8pts . Lawyer Justin Amenevor with 33.3pts  whilst Lawyer Akoto Ampaw had 23.95pts

6 Creativity
Lawyer Amenevor won with 39pts followed by Tsatsu Tsikata with 33pts

Lawyer Akoto Ampaw attained 28 pts

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